Saturday, March 21, 2009

You Don't Know Me... But You Will!

Sitting here between bouts of Wii induced euphoria and writers block on the last page of a first issue for a project that's been in my head for a very long time and taking a moment to step back for a second and survey the tremendous floodgate that stands before me on the verge of bursting open in my post-Love Buzz world.

Love Buzz used to represent something wholly different to me than what it does now. When I first wrote Love Buzz, I was going through some motions of change and frustration, due to getting my butt kicked repeatedly by love. The more years that have gone by since the book's completion (on my part, at least) the more it's taken a form of a different meaning in my life.

The beginning of my new life. The beginning of the day where I can quit telling people I'm a writer and having them look at me with that look of feigned interest, like I'm some fucking crackpot. Now, Love Buzz represents validation. It represents burning down the bridge between feeling like any given shithead chasing his dream while other people just smile and nod, to being the guy who has something to show for it.

Love Buzz will come out and Love Buzz will be a goddamn success, because Michelle, Dave, Tom, and everyone else whose had their fingers in it along the way have worked just as hard or harder to make it so. Maybe I'm being arrogant or setting myself up for an upset, but Love Buzz, to me, is already a success, because it showed me more than just an introspect into my processes in relationships, it showed me what I'm made of and put a fire in my guts that's never going to go out. It took me to the point where I can't NOT write or tell stories. The day I stop that is the day that I'll die. I've been fired from enough jobs to know that this is the only thing I'm REALLY good at, and the only thing I give a shit about. Failure is no longer an option.

And to make this entry complete for all the people out there who tend to glaze over at entries that are nothing but paragraph after paragraph of text, here's some pencils from another upcoming project, drawn by Brazilian artist Jorge Trinidade. Can't reveal too much behind it, but ain't it pretty?

Anyway, heading back on point... You may not know me by now, but mark my words, I'm about to write my name across every one of your foreheads in the biggest way possible. That may sound arrogant or cock sure, but at this rate I think I've worked hard enough to have earned it.

Wait and see...

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