Monday, March 9, 2009

Building The Buzz

It's been close to two weeks now since the ad for Love Buzz hit Previews, and this one man PR machine has hit the ground running hard. Calling comic shops around the country to ask them personally to pick up the book, or to thank them if they already have, as well as working on closing out what I need to do for the local promotional push here in Louisville. (There's talk of us throwing a party in one of our favorite coffee shop/bars and a big signing!) Anyway, I figured now could be a good time for a little info dump of new developments and press.

The book's Diamond order code is MAR094378 and the cut-off date for pre-orders is April 7th, so reserve your copy today. ISBN number is 978-1-934964-21-7.

Here's a list of places it's available to purchase online, although I stress the importance of supporting any good, solid comic shops out there.


My first big interview about the book with Jen Contino @ The Pulse! A great treat to get to give Jen my first big, in depth interview, because she's been an instrumental in helping me navigate my way into comics. I always told her once I had something to promote, she'd have the first exclusive.

And you can add Love Buzz on MySpace, even though the page is in desperate need of some sprucing up, of late.

Naturally, I'll keep updating the blogs here as soon as new stuff comes up.


Anonymous said...

Looks really cool man. Count me in

Len N. Wallace said...

Thanks, Raven. Look forward to seeing you somewhere on the convention circuit.

David said...

Can't wait to read this one.