Tuesday, September 16, 2008

An Open Letter To Hurricane Ike

Dear Hurricane Ike,

Fuck you!

Len N. Wallace

So, we'll just call this an open letter to everyone who runs across it, just to say I'm not dead and haven't abandoned my post. Here's the story as I know it. It appears some off-shoot of Hurricane Ike blew through my home town and has left 200,000 people including myself without power, and it's looking like it could stay that way for up to two more weeks. Lucky for me, the community college library is back up and running, so I'm here to send out a few emails to people I work with, as well as whine about having to sit around in the dark on this here blog.

It's quite pathetic how technologically dependant I am, that I've gotta sit here in the library like some kind of asshole and charge my phone, laptop, and iPod, so I can maybe have something to do tonight. My phone's been out of commission for like, two days now so at least I can get in touch with my family, artists, and editors and let them know the skinny now.

Went for a walk around the neighborhood and on down Bardstown Road earlier today to try and spend a gift certificate I got for my birthday at my local comic shop, to hopefully find something to read and pass the time, and power's back up in some places, but there are still massive pieces of splintered trees and shit in the middle of the road in some places. You'd think a damn tornado blew through here, but no... It was just wind.

It's fucking wind, people! It should never have been this serious!