Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cool bit of news...

Hadn't checked the Love Buzz MySpace in some time, and got a message from an old designer friend Rammer Martinez, who had a cool little tidbit to share with me tonight...

"Your name, and The Pulse, is blurbed or published (though peripherally) in a logo book from a prestigous graphic design publisher. The book is called "Really Good Logos Explained", and The Pulse's Seven Up logo made the grade. I can't believe it, really. It's a good logo, but I didn't imagine it would end up in a graphic design book."

For those of you uninitiated with some of my past work, Seven Up Sorry, the art in all the Seven Up columns I can find is so old, it's been replaced by red x's. was a column I used to write on a semi-regular basis for my pal Jen Contino at The Pulse, a website dealing in comic promotion and news type things. Seven Up was a pretty simple concept. I get in touch with little known and up-and-coming comic talent, and ask them seven different questions each week, to help them promote their works. I met a lot of great people doing that column, some of them I still talk too to this day, and one of whom I'm currently in the beginning stages of collaborating on a book with. I can't currently find links to all of my columns, but a Google search should turn up a few if not all. (Sorry, the art in all the Seven Up columns I can find is so old, it's been replaced by red x's.) Anyway, Jen told me when I started that the column would probably benefit from having a cool and iconic logo. She hooked me up with Rammer and we started to brainstorm on a logo idea for the column...

Anyway, after that long diatribe, I'll just quit explaining with exposition and post a bit I found from Rammer's blog, which kinda shows the rest of the point of tonight's post.


"For some 'really good' news, the Rammer ambigrammatic logo and the Seven Up logo (not to be confused with 7UP) are published in Rockport Publishers' Really Good Logos Explained, written by Margo Chase, Rian Hughes, Ron Miriello, and Alex W. White. This makes this heap of flesh a happy designer.

Seven Up is a logo for a column by a prominent news site for comicbooks and its ilk, The Pulse. Seven Up was an interview column orchestrated by fellow comicbook writer Len Wallace where he asks seven questions to up-and-coming comicbook artists. I figured I'd do the logo in black & white since most comicbook artists that're starting out print their comics in black & white for the cheaper price. Check out Len's latest endeavor, Love Buzz with Michelle Silva."

Pretty cool, huh? Rammer's entry continues at his own Blogger site, which I've linked too several times in my own, and shows a couple shots of his other featured winning logo design in the book, but I'm selfish and a whore, so I'm only posting about me in here. Still, head on over to Rammer's blog and give him a nod. He's a good guy and it's quite an honor he's had put on him here.

Regrettably and honestly, after a while, I just wasn't able to keep up with doing the column on a regular basis, but I love and try to support and help out Jen in any way I can from time to time. She's been instrumental in helping me to build my name in the biz. I owe both Jen and Rammer a good bit for the things they've helped me out with in my formative days.

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