Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Last Five Google Searches - 05/27/08

Trying something new to keep the blog updated frequently, even on days or weeks when I don't write much, if anything at all. Figured it'd be a fun measure, and give people an interesting little guessing game to ponder in regards to what I'm researching or even just looking at out of morbid curiosity.

Here are my last five Google searches in my web cache...

5 - grimm's fairy tales
4 - hardcase crime
3 - chuck pyle
2 - kingdom comics
1 - last night in twisted river

None of these things are necessarily connected in any way, and some of them might not even have anything to do with my work or writing. Just a curious mind or whathaveyou. Anyway, I'll try and update the blog with these at very least once every two or three days, unless I have something else to post, just to keep a steady stream of content churning out.

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