Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Zipper Club is BACK!

So, we're running two weeks strong into our IndieGoGo campaign to fund and expand our first run of short stories for The Zipper Club into it's own full 40 page graphic novel and we've had some pretty incredible donors popping up so far as we stand two-thirds of the way from our goal with plenty of time to spare and plenty of wicked perks yet to be grabbed, including personalized sketches, personalized comic strips that put you in your own three panel Zipper Club adventure, and spots where your name and/or likeness can be used in next year's Zipper Club story!

So, to help encourage more buzz on the book and the story itself, I wanted to share a little something with everyone. Here's an introductory preview in the form of our first two page short story from Grayhaven Comics' THE GATHERING #2. Our first Zipper Club short story!

The Zipper Club is a personal project to me, as a life-long survivor of a congenital heart defect and as someone who has counseled a camp for children like myself and the ones I write about in The Zipper Club for many years. The campaign is to fund a print-run for our book so that we can not just have copies to sell to you fine folk, but also a few to donate to kids growing up with these heart problems who might really need it. Plus, a percentage of any profits Brenda and I make on the project will go to the American Heart Association to help further research in the fight to stamp out all forms of heart diseases.

Join the fun and donate to the cause here: