Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ruminations On Starting A Podcast... I Need Your Help!

So, with Love Buzz on the verge of coming out, I'm trying to think of different ways to get my name out there and get more people to pick up the book. Also want to take my current position as well as a couple of the contacts and things I've made with people in the industry. I'm in talks with a decently circulated comic news site to carry the show, and while I love Word Balloon, I want to make this pretty much the 'starving artists' version of Word Balloon.

I'm kinda green to the concept of podcasting, and I pretty much just came up with the idea today, but I'm putting the wheels in motion to try and record my first episode this week, if possible.

My question to you, my potential listeners, on a show about creators who are struggling to get to the place where they've "made it", what kind of stuff would you like to hear discussed. Would you prefer stuff like, two decent sized interviews per show? One big interview, or like, 3 or 4 with different creators in chunks.

I want to try and do this and if I can get some ears on it, to make it successful, because I love the world of comic podcasting, but find it sadly lacking in the perspective of the so-called underdog voices. The guys who I read books from every day who are just as good as the big dudes like Bendis and Brubaker and the like, but just haven't gotten "there" yet.

Tell me, what do you want to hear?


Benjamin Hall said...

I'd like to hear less project hype more comics professional conversation.

Like hanging out a bar with another comics pro. Talk about the industry and the art of creating your comics.

And have a ban on reviewing current comic movies.

I would listen to that.

Len N. Wallace said...

Noted, and while there will (has to be) some discussion of current projects, my intentions will be a little more like something akin to "Inside The Actor's Studio", mixed with... I guess just basic "shit-shooting" conversation.

Thanks, Ben. Keep in touch, I've actually been wondering what you've been keeping busy with.

Benjamin Hall said...

Too many things actually. :D

Several projects have died on the vine so I look have I have not been doing anything... but I've probably been more productive than ever.

Hopefully I'll have some news soon.

Sounds great man.