Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One More Time, With Feeling

Are you there, Blogoverse? It's me, Leonard.

I know it's been a while since we last spoke, and while I promise I have a reason, (although most of them aren't very good) I've been saving a slew of new news for you until it was a little more ready to come out. As you may or may not have noticed, the month of June has come and gone, and if you've been looking for it, you will have noticed that Love Buzz has been nowhere to be found on shelves. Sadly, these things happen with comics. Michelle had some issues with her family as she was closing out the art on the last couple chapters of the book, and we had to pull it for a while until her dad got better and she could rock it strong.

And rock it she certainly has. Just got the last pages a couple weeks ago, and they're gorgeous. The visuals in this book are like she reached into my brain and pulled out every image and put them on the paper. This girl is on her way to becoming a master of this craft and I owe her huge.

Just got word a couple days ago. Love Buzz is now completely in the can and other than a little bit of lettering left over, is good to go. Oni has posted a release date of 11/11, (make a wish!) and Michelle, Dave, Tom, and myself couldn't be more excited to finally be done with it and have it out there for everyone to see and love. Here's a look at the full page solicit from the latest edition of the Previews catalog.

Additionally, that big image in there IS our final cover, although we are still tinkering with the logo. Please, bask in it's glory.

Additionally, a brief segment of me promoting the book, way back on our first round of solicitation on Fanboy Radio's Indie Show. There are a few other creators on there, but you can find yours truly at the 37:35 mark.

Fanboy Radio #507 - March Indie Show Open Lines

Listen to the whole show, if you will. They plug a lot of great indie creators, including Mike Dawson, whose graphic novel ode to Freddie Mercury, Freddie & Me was one of my favorite reads last year.

Naturally, this is exciting news for all of us, and while I don't have a lot else to plug on this, or any other projects, I should have a little more to announce very soon.

Stay tuned. I promise to update a little more frequently.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you get the memo?

CTHULHU will devour us all on 11/10.

bummer, dood.

Len N. Wallace said...

I'll kill that bastard first.

DBM said...

Are there any preview pages from Love Buzz available anywhere? Looks interesting.

Len N. Wallace said...

No preview pages yet, but we're planning to release the first two chapters online in the coming months. I'll update when that happens.