Monday, April 27, 2009

Weak Days

Pulling myself out of another work-induced anti-social streak to get back to work on a few things, and getting Love Buzz closer and closer to "in the can" as things progress. On that front, we have some unfortunate news. The book is being held back for resolicit by a couple of months, due to some problems that came up that are no fault of anyone in particular. In the long run, it'll hopefully be a good thing that will lead to me being able to better and more properly promote the book in various ways. Michelle and Dave have kicked copious amounts of ass on it in the last few months. This book is going to be above and beyond my original expectations, and I can't wait for you all to FINALLY see it.

In other news, I've been watching and keeping mostly quiet about a pair of projects I'm working on with an artist from Brazil by the name of Jorge Trinidade. He's just turned in the last pencils of the first half of issue one of one of the projects this past weekend, and his line work is very good and precise. This book is going to be filthy and hilarious.

The Day I Tried To Live #1 - Illustrated by Jorge Trinidade

Like I said, Jorge and I are in talks to produce this five issue project, and a smaller scale, more age-friendly three issue superhero title that he'll hopefully start on after the last half of this issue is in the can. I hope to start pitching them soon. Jorge has been a joy to work with, despite some of the funny limitations our language barriers have brought up. (I might tell you guys the 'dildo story' sometime when I'm less tired.)

On another front, now that I've got less of Love Buzz to worry about, I'm getting back on task with my slowly progressive romance anthology idea, Less Than Three. Haven't had a chance to touch it in months, but I've put my game face back on and have been emailing writers and artists about the current status, as well as receiving some really great story pitches and art to fill out the last few slots on the book.

Less Than Three - A short story from the Less Than Three anthology, illustrated by Chris Moreno.


Man, I thought I had more to say in me, but I guess we'll just have to settle for a mini-update and art bomb.

Enjoy, folks.

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